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Roger Chartier

Formerly known as MR. DJ -
508 996-0495

Roger Chartier - Disc Jockey

What about Roger Chartier?

Besides being a very good Disc Jockey since 1985... yes that's correct,
I have been at it for quite some time, I am a musician and singer, or as some call me, an entertainer.

I play live solo gigs several times a week and have been doing so for many years.

I started on guitar at age 14 and never stopped. I played 55 nights in a row with Bandwagon and was on the road for years as a travelling musician with other bands.

Writing has been my occupation for many years as well, and I have been publishing my work since 2006.

I have traveled to China 3 times and have lived in Chinese homes as well as explored the many sites in the country. Yes I have been on the Great Wall. I married a Chinese woman named Hui-Ling Chen.

I enjoyed two trips to France and spoke French with the natives... Oh, and I loved Canada on many trips there as well. England was very cool with a lot of London and a tour of the Beatles spots in Liverpool.

 I have spent time in Key West since 1980. It is usually for the winter. On several occasions it has been for January and February but sometimes for just a month. I love Key West Florida!

I have owned a nightclub and have a pilot's license.

I owned a very large PA system and extensive stage lighting that I used for a sound and light company that was quite successful.

I was a talent agent for 12 years and succeeded in that field as well. I still am a Disc Jockey!

There is a lot more but I don't feel like writing it all today...


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The person to be careful of is someone who tells everybody that he or she is a really good DJ but actually has no experience, terrible equipment, and nowhere near enough songs. The DJ can't speak English clearly to make an announcement without sounding like a big dummy. The DJ will not shut up, and very often has no idea about what to do. He stands there grinning in his T-shirt drinking beer, and trying to be Mr. Bigshot, or Mrs. Bigshot whatever the case may be.

So he or she got a disc jockey job from his cousin's friend, who is trying to save a buck and go on the cheap. Ten minutes into the party they realize that they made a big mistake hiring this jamoke...too late. The equipment sounded great in his living room, but in a hall it is too weak and turning it up just gets it to distort. It sounds terrible. You'd better like his heavy metal rap music because that is mostly what he has on hand.
Guests go home early, and the party is a mess. Yet, you agreed to pay.
If you want to hear more horror stories like this, ask any person who runs a large function hall. They've seen it.

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