New Bedford Disc Jockey
Roger Chartier

Formerly known as MR. DJ

New Bedford DJ - Professional disc jockey for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation parties, family events, senior citizens events, dances, school reunion parties, and anything where a disc jockey would be used. Reasonable rates.
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Roger Chartier - Disc Jockey
If you want a professional disc jockey then hire the best in the New Bedford area and the South Coast of Massachusetts with many years of experience.

There are many function facilities in Greater New Bedford, and the South coast - Dartmouth, Westport, Fall River, Tiverton, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Wareham, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, etc. where you can have your party or event. You will need entertainment for dancing, etc..

How to choose a disc jockey for the type of event are you having?

Is it a wedding?

If so, then it is important that you get someone who has real experience and not some eager newbie who may well cause a disaster on the most important day of your life.

Someone who decides that they want to play the music that only they like so that you might like it - or not, will ruin your event and worse is not having the selection that is needed to please a large varied audience..

An experienced disc jockey knows what to play based on what the audience wants.
The disc jockey has a disc jockey contract to protect both of you and is organized at the reception.Roger Chartier -

Payment is usually by a check for the one third deposit. The balance is due at the start of the event in cash or pre-pay the event by check or cash. Also, you can pay in advance by credit card through PayPal

Reception Planner

For a wedding / reception, a reception planner is important to keep things in order. You will decide who will be introduced and in what order. If you are having a receiving line, you can decide that, as well.

Wedding reception song choices
are important, and there are some nice ones to choose from on the wedding song list.

First of all let me say that every wedding reception is different, and it is best to decide ahead of time what you want for your reception.
There are traditional events that are the mainstay of the wedding reception and then there are receptions that are totally customized to the bride and groom's wishes. See a list and description of the Traditional Wedding Reception Events.

Wedding CakeThe wedding reception planner asks you what song you want for your first dance, parent dances, bridal party dance, the last dance, and the cutting of the cake, etc.

Roger Chartier
will supply you with a reception event planner form in advance so that you can decide on the important things in your own time. (Send it in 2 weeks before the reception).

Experience is most important when hiring a disc jockey because many years of experience teaches the DJ how to choose music that will get people dancing based on the type of crowd and how to handle requests.

There is a the "Top 200 Most Requested Song list" and also nearly 20,000 songs available in Roger Chartier's DJ repertoire.

When you hire a professional DJ you are spending your money for the disc jockey's years of experience.

Roger Chartier has been the disc jockey at a few same gender wedding receptions.
Look at a same gender wedding reception planner that has been used for those specific occasions.Salsa Dancing!

Is it a dance party or a birthday or maybe an anniversary?

Are you having a birthday party or anniversary or maybe a graduation party?
If so, it can help you to use the party planner.

Senior citizen events are a specialty. With a long history of catering to an older crowd Roger is tuned in to the tastes and requirements of those events.

We refer you to Roger Chartier - Why?

He has been doing it since 1985 and has a lot of experience.
Fact: In the DJ business no one lasts as long as he has unless they are very good at it.

Roger Chartier is a full time professional entertainer

Who has played guitar and sung since 1965. He has entertained audiences from Maine to Key West, Florida, sometimes traveling for months at a time on the road either as a solo entertainer or in a band.

Currently upon request for select clients, he mixes the live music with the disc jockey service that he has been doing since 1985.

Do you have questions - check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page


Contact Roger Chartier - - 508 996-0495

The person to be careful of is someone who tells everybody that he or she is a really good DJ but actually has no experience, terrible equipment, and nowhere near enough songs. The DJ can't speak English clearly to make an announcement without sounding like a big dummy. The DJ will not shut up, and very often has no idea about what to do. He stands there grinning in his T-shirt drinking beer, and trying to be Mr. Bigshot, or Mrs. Bigshot whatever the case may be.

So he or she got a disc jockey job from his cousin's friend, who is trying to save a buck and go on the cheap. Ten minutes into the party they realize that they made a big mistake hiring this jamoke...too late. The equipment sounded great in his living room, but in a hall it is too weak and turning it up just gets it to distort. It sounds terrible. You'd better like his heavy metal rap music because that is mostly what he has on hand.
Guests go home early, and the party is a mess. Yet, you agreed to pay.
If you want to hear more horror stories like this, ask any person who runs a large function hall. They've seen it.




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